Theoretical Astrophysics and General Relativity Brown Bag Lunch

Tentative schedule for Spring 2001

Every Wednesday, 12:00 noon

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Jan 24 Matt Duez UIUC
Jan 31 Robert Brunner Caltech Controlling the Data Tsunami: Virtual Observatories
Feb 7 Ben Wandelt Princeton Self-Interacting Dark Matter
Feb 14 Draza Markovic UIUC
Feb 21 Renyue Cen Princeton Evolution of the Intergalactic Medium
Feb 28 Lee Lindblom Caltech Non-linear Evolution of the r-Modes in Rotating Neutron Stars
March 7 Jon McKinney UIUC Gamma-Ray bursts: Magnetized Collapsars to Gravitational Radiation
March 14 No talk spring break
March 21 Motoyuki Saijo UIUC
March 28 Hwei-Jang Yo UIUC
April 4 Branson Stephens UIUC
April 11 Eric Engelhard UIUC
April 18 Chen Yun UIUC Magnetic Fields, Viscous Boundary Layers, and r-Modes
April 25 Brian O'Shea UIUC
May 2 Brian Fields UIUC r-Process Nucleosynthesis in Neutron Star Mergers

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Last modified on Feb 2, 2001