Theoretical Astrophysics and General Relativity Brown Bag Lunch

Tentative schedule for Fall 1999

Every Wednesday, 12:00 noon

Date Speaker (and occasional Title)
Sept 1 Thomas Baumgarte
Sept 8 Reports from various conferences
Sept 15 Norm Murray, CITA
Quasar Emission Lines
Sept 22 Draza Markovic
Sept 29 Shmulik Balberg
Some Recent Suggestions regarding the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
Oct 6 Masaru Shibata
Oct 13 Jon McKinney
Oct 20 Jens Niemeyer, University of Chicago
Dynamics of Primordial Black Hole Formation: Near-Critical Collapse, Initial Mass Function, and Collapse during First-Order Phase Transitions
Oct 27 Matt Duez
Nov 3 Shmulik Balberg
The Doomsday Machine (?)
Nov 10 Chen Yun
Nov 17 Rennan Barkana, IAS, Princeton
Cosmological Applications of Gravitational Lensing
Nov 24 No talk (Thanksgiving)
Dec 1 Charles Gammie
Dec 8 Martin Haehnelt, Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik
High redshift galaxies, their active nuclei and central black holes

For questions or suggestions, contact Thomas Baumgarte

Last modified on Oct 25, 1999