Theoretical Astrophysics and General Relativity Brown Bag Lunch

Tentative schedule for Fall 1998

Every Wednesday, 12:00 noon, Rm 358 Loomis Lab

Date Speaker (and occasional Title)
Sept 9 Thomas Baumgarte
Sept 16 Scott Hughes
Measuring Gravitational Waves from Binary Black Hole Mergers
Sept 23 Luca Zampieri
Sept 30 Brian Fields
Oct 7 Lars Bildsten
Neutron Star Transients in Quiescence: The Incandescent Glow from Nuclear Energy Release
Oct 14 Draza Markovic
Oct 21 Chris Metzler
Oct 28 Shmulik Balberg
Roles of Hyperons in Neutron Stars
Nov 4 Joanne Cohn
Nov 11 Sharon Morsink (University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee)
Gravitational Radiation Driven Instability of Rotating Neutron Stars
Nov 18 Luciano Rezzolla
Dec 2 Martin White
Dec 9 Shmulik Balberg
Dissociating GRB980425 and SN1998bw (see Waxman and Loeb, astro-ph/9808135)
Dec 11* C. P. Dullemond (Leiden Observatory)
Two dimensional radiative transfer in axi-symmetric circumstellar flows

* Note special date!!

For questions or suggestions, contact Thomas Baumgarte

Last modified on Sept 9, 1998