Theoretical Astrophysics and General Relativity Brown Bag Lunch

Tentative schedule for Fall 2000

Every Wednesday, 358 Loomis Lab, 12:00 noon

Date Speaker (and occasional Title)
Sept 6 Draza Markovic
Effects of a crust on gravitational radiation by neutron stars
Sept 13 Shmulik Balberg
A Blast from the Past: pair instability supernovae
Sept 20 Matt Duez
The Transition from Inspiral to Plunge for a Compact Body in a Circular Equatorial Orbit Around a Massive, Spinning Black Hole
Sept 27 Thomas Baumgarte
News from the binary black hole problem
Oct 4 No Seminar
Oct 11 Gabor Toth (University of Michigan)
Some new developments in numerical MHD
Oct 18 Benjamin Owen (University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee)
Effect of hyperon bulk viscosity on neutron-star r-modes
Oct 25 Motoyuki Saijo
Evolution of Neutron Star Oscillations
Nov 1 Hwei-Jang Yo
Noninteracting dark matter
Nov 8 Pedro Marronetti (University of Texas at Austin)
Black Hole Collisions
Nov 15 Richard Cyburt
Analyzing Cosmology using CMB Anisotropy Measurements
Nov 22 Thanksgiving (No Seminar)
Nov 29 Branson Stephens
New discoveries about brightness oscillations during thermonuclear X-ray bursts on neutron stars
Dec 6 Paul Woodward (University of Minnesota)
Technical Challenges in Large-Scale Astrophysical Computation
Dec 8 Joshua Faber (MIT)
Going out with a bang: Gravity wave signals and spectra from binary neutron star mergers

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